Beautiful Garden Features to Spice Up the Lawn

A lawn is not about mounds of grass anymore. A tired looking yard can be made more interesting by incorporating beautiful host of features in it. This will definitely add a dash of grandeur and style to your green space. However, careful planning is necessary so that you can enhance the garden area without compromising your bank account. This article comprises of multiple options in garden features, from which you can choose any of them and get them fitted in your green space as per your requirements.

Water features

At the end of a long, hectic and crazy day, many people like to spend alone time in a garden as it is a peaceful place where they can take some respite and breathe the fresh air. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to embrace your inner self without any hassles. Just imagine how relaxing it would be when you will include a water feature in this area. The gentle sound of water trickling into a reservoir will soothe your soul completely. Besides its beauty, a water feature is also beneficial in attracting birds to your yard. This will create a very tranquil setting and mood. The exceptional thing about these water features is that they are available in abundant varieties. The choice is yours! You can install a small bubbling urn tucked in the corner of your tiny patio, or proudly install a huge baroque with sophisticated carvings as a center of attraction in a large garden.


No matter whether you like to read books in your garden area, spend quality time with your family members or have a party with your friends, the one component that you need to complete these tasks is a comfortable, rattan bench. The stylish, durable and long lasting seating, complimenting the other decors of your garden will give you an awesome feeling. However, make sure to place it in a comfortable area, where it is not too sunny or too shady.


A gazebo is a pavilion structure that offers shade and shelter to the people in any season – be it scorching summer, chilly winter or rainy. Moreover, this area can be considered as one of the most comfortable and beautiful places in your patio because it is not only aesthetically pleasing to your eyes, but a place to put your drinks and snack with your guests and have intimate conversations without any hassles. However, a little care is required to maintain the condition of this garden feature.

Bird bath

A bird bath is an artificial small shallow pond which is considered as a reliable source to water during the sweltering summer and drought periods. This is the place where birds cool off them self by dipping their wings to splash water on their backs. This sight often gives people, a sense of satisfaction. Moreover, the chirping of these amazing birds can relax your mind to a great extent. However, it is essential to clean and refill water every day in order to avoid contamination and mosquitoes.

Fire pits

Are you planning your wedding anniversary party in your backyard, but worried because it falls during the chilly winter season? Well, here is the amazing garden feature solving your dilemma – a fire pit. This element is an eye catching garden focal point that helps you to comfortably enjoy your party without the sense of chill off cold evenings.

Your garden is the most important asset of the property. So, build and invest in it sensibly. Outdoor features complimenting the atmosphere will appeal everyone alike.

Your Favorite Garden Store Could Be a One Stop Shop

Your favorite garden store is a one stop garden supplies shop where you can not only find all your gardening needs, but get useful advice and suggestions as well. And visiting a garden store is not done only once a year as you require multiple visits to shop for your favorite garden tools, accessories and seeds. There is a wide array of garden shop choices ranging from the brick and mortar facility near you to garden supply resources online.

First Lady promoting her vegetable garden

Finding a fantastic store is not a problem anymore as the First Lady is busy promoting her vegetable garden and that has triggered interest among home owners and home makers coast to coast. There are loads of benefits of having your own garden as you can get a ready supply of your choicest vegetables and enjoy the fragrance of fresh flowers that you always loved having close to you.

Store owners are widely experienced in the type of seeds and nursing as well as pesticides that you would need. You don’t have to be an expert for stepping into a garden store as the owners can always guide you to make your hobby thrilling and fulfilling.

You can purchase garden supplies online from the comfort of your home at the click of a mouse and also take valuable tips from forums and chats on how to keep your pets safe from fertilizers and pesticides.

People feel buying stuff online is difficult when it comes to gardening equipment, but they could never be more mistaken. You can browse around the wide range of equipments on display and compare the prices before you click buy and get the supplies sent to your doorstep. Interest in gardening has ratcheted up in recent years with farmer’s markets and organic food supply chains mushrooming coast to coast.

Organic soil and fertilizers

By having a quiet spot in your property where you can grow your favorite fruits and vegetables can take care of possible food shortages that the world risks facing in future. You can grow exotic fruits and vegetables that could require hours of driving to different markets. By knowing about the pesticides upfront, you can know what is best for consumption for you and your family.

You can get organic soil, fertilizers and everything you need to make the very stuff you travel miles to buy. As a gardening shop is a one stop shop for all your needs, you can easily find all your gardening requirements right away. The search can be exciting with Michelle Obama herself being a role model for home makers wanting to visit a garden store both online and offline.

Explore the Shops in Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of the most famous shopping venues in the whole of London. It has shops, cafes, restaurants and a lot more besides, so you’ll enjoy going there on a shopping trip.

It is arguably the character of the place that is most appealing. It is certainly a venue for all weathers, since the Covent Garden Market is mainly under cover. There are plenty of market stalls in the main part of the building, offering all kinds of delights, crafts and trinkets for sale.

It’s a good place to head to if you’re looking for something different to buy as a gift – or perhaps even for yourself. Since you have two main markets to explore – the Apple Market and the Jubilee Market – you are sure to find whatever you need there.

The Market Hall in the famous old buildings of Covent Garden offers plenty more than just a market or two though. You will also find a number of shops here that you won’t always find anywhere else.

Some of the names will be familiar but even then the quaint and sometimes small shops are wonderful to browse around. You will find two levels here to shop on as well, and if you head upstairs you can look down on the level below. You can sometimes get a bird’s eye view of some of the Covent Garden entertainers too, making your shopping trip into something even more special.

The variety of shops you can look in is another big selling point for adding a trip to Covent Garden to your list when you are in London. From clothing shops to tea shops and jewellery to toys, there isn’t a lot that is left out.

Make sure you don’t confine yourself to this market area in the middle of the cobbled streets that surround it. There are other streets which radiate out from it and still fall within the confines of Covent Garden itself. Monmouth Street, James Street and many others all offer more shops to explore.

As you can see you can happily spend a whole day at Covent Garden. There are plenty of places you can stop off for a coffee or something more filling for lunch, so you won’t go hungry either.

In fact a lot of people come to London for a longer shopping weekend. Flights to London are quick and easy to book, so wherever you are you can be in the capital sooner than you might think.

With plenty of hotels to stay in while you are there, you could turn a simple shopping trip into something much more enjoyable. With a day at Covent Garden and a day to explore the West End or Knightsbridge as well, you won’t be short of shops to spend money in!