In the Garden With Metalwork Artist Jon Watson

Artist Jon Watson came into his metalwork profession as a result of collaborating his love of metal sculpture and the natural, organic world of plants and gardens.

That’s because decades of sitting at a desk in front of a computer can make you think. About a lot of things. Like gardening. Nature. Organic living. About the overgrown, rich rural plantlife of your childhood in Georgia, and your current view of mostly-brown Arizona. And think about how your life got to this point.

Makes some folks do crazy things. Like walk away from their careers to learn something new – like welding. Artist Jon Watson walked away from 20 years in marketing . . . to learn to weld. He took a year off to train under a professional welder, and then did an unpaid internship with an industrial welding company before finally striking out on his own.

Pretty crazy. Jon admits it was really scary – probably the biggest gamble he ever took. But it worked. Each of Jon’s pieces feels natural, organic, a part of your deepest inner self. And keeping with the gardening/nature theme, all his work is made of welded steel, of course, a natural compound that can handle your weather year-round with little maintenance.

But metal gardens, Jon? Yup. Because he really likes the look of metal sculpture. And it works. Jon’s art is sold all over the U.S. Think about it: anyone brave enough to walk away from a desk job to make metal art can probably do pretty much whatever he wants successfully!

He hand crafts each of his designs in his eclectic collection of metal art. His line of lighting fixtures – from a handmade steel funky lamp to swirling and flaming wall sconces and on to a fabulous upscale table lamp – is truly an enlightening experience in the world of natural creativity. You can immediately see the influence of nature, gardens and plants in each of his works.

Jon’s home now, out of the office and into his shop-garden. His title isn’t corporate anymore, but a simpler one he’s donned himself: the gardener. Just think of Jon, happier than he’s ever been, puttering around his shop, welding instead of weeding, trimming and pruning his steel work before he sets it out for you to enjoy.

How To Identify Better Quality Gardening Equipment

Congratulations! At last you have decided to have a nice garden for your biggest house. Now the big question is how to choose gardening supplies, which are useful for your garden at nominal price but with good quality. Identifying proper gardening supplies is an important thing for a garden lover like you.

Do you know gardening is an art, which requires tender care and deep passion for growing plants? But the part of the art knows how to choose gardening supplies. Just like that of pet care, you pat them on the head, you take them for walks and you talk to them. Your plant also requires same care from you. You should clearly know how to chose the gardening trade tools.

As you care your plants, you can visually see how they grow? It can be both fulfilling and gratifying and also teach how to choose gardening tools is a step towards that goal. You should also know that different kinds of garden require different kinds of garden supplies.

In general most of the these are available in packages, which deals with a particular type of garden. Hence the first and foremost tip on how to select your garden supplies depends mainly on the type of garden you own or envisioned. Some garden requires specialized watering system and not a water sprinkler, and some garden may require held shovel instead of ditch digger. It is also advisable that you don’t spend more money on garden supplies than necessary.

In case if you are going to make a nice garden, you can contact the nearby garden supply store and may ask them to stock your requirement or in some instances gardening supplies can be made by yourself. But it is necessary to know how to choose your required items so they won’t pinch out much from your budget.

Another important indispensable matter to consider is knowing the garden supplies stores that can accommodate your type of garden. There are multiple stores, which are specialized in rooftop gardens, indoor gardens, and all the other kinds of gardens. Even you can easily identify the stores, which offer alternative goods such as ergonomic garden tools, pest control methods, and organic fertilizers.

If you find no time to visit mortar and stone shops of shopping malls to get your required things, you can browse and get your preferred garden supplies through online. Online shopping helps a lot to the gardeners by the way of comparing the prices for better tools. In addition to this, online shopping helps to order your stuff without leaving your homes, and also get to know the latest trends. It is noted that some online shops offer discounts for your supply of tools in their shops. So go visit the online store to get a product at nominal price with esteemed quality.

A Garden Centre Christmas Is A Great Day Out!

Christmas is a magical time of year with people brightening up their homes and gardens to make the most of the festive season, so it makes sense that centres across the UK are turning themselves into spell-binding places for a garden centre Christmas. People can combine their shopping trips for festive decorations and Christmas trees with delicious Christmas meals for the whole family and even visits to Father Christmas!

In this article, we look at why garden centres are such great locations for a Christmas family day out, and what kind of activities you can expect at your typical centre. Every centre is different though, so make sure you call ahead or check their website to avoid disappointment.

Father Christmas Is Coming Soon To A Centre Near You!

You don’t need to go to the North Pole to experience a Winter Wonderland, as one is most likely coming to a centre near you!

Garden centres know that Christmas shopping – whether it is for gifts or decorations – can be a stressful experience. Choosing between organising a babysitter and bringing easily distracted children on a shopping trip isn’t an easy decision for parents to make. That’s why they have started to create Winter Wonderlands of their own for a truly ‘garden centre Christmas’: to keep children entertained and on their best behaviour as the whole family shops for their Christmas trees and decorations.

At some of the bigger centres, teams of cheeky elves and furry friends will be there to entertain the family from start to finish as you journey to Father Christmas’ grotto, and every child will receive a gift to keep them smiling all the way home. At other centres, you’ll probably find similarly themed but smaller departments where Father Christmas will be sat ready to welcome every child who comes to the centre.

You should have the opportunity to book a slot with Father Christmas in advance at some garden centre Christmas Wonderlands; at others you can probably just drop in. Once again, it’s recommended you call ahead or visit the centres website to find out what services they offer.

Getting the whole family involved in a Christmas family activity is the best way to bond in the run up to the big day. A visit to a garden centre can get two jobs done at once! While mum and dad are getting the shopping done, the children get to enjoy a magical experience meeting Father Christmas.

Why Have Christmas Dinner At A Garden Centre?

If once a year isn’t enough for your fill of Christmas Dinner, check in with your local centre; many of the larger ones across the UK now offer catering facilities like cafes and restaurants, and you’ll find that most will have a menu to suit a garden centre Christmas.

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to have Christmas dinner at a garden centre. First, they’ll have access to lots of fresh ingredients making it a delicious meal. Secondly, shopping for Christmas trees, seasonal plants and decorations can be hungry and thirsty work, so why not keep the Christmas spirit alive with a festive sit-down meal? There’s nothing quite like it for making you feel all warm inside and in the mood for Christmas Day.

The only question you have to ask yourself is do you prefer the traditional Christmas turkey dinner with Christmas plum pudding and brandy sauce, or do you like the sound of hot roast beef with fresh vegetables, Yorkshire Pudding and a delicious homemade raspberry and sherry trifle to finish instead?

Many centres will start running their Christmas Menus from November with appropriate children’s menus and vegetarian options, but it’s always a good idea to check beforehand and make a booking where necessary to make ensure you aren’t disappointed.

Your Christmas Garden Centre

A visit to Father Christmas, Christmas tree, decoration and seasonal plant shopping, and a wonderful, festive themed sit-down meal. What could be a more perfect day out? Going to a garden centre is a smart way of keeping the children entertained and the home looking magical for the winter season. For this reason, it makes your Christmas preparations even more enjoyable.

If you’re not sure where your nearest centre is, check your phone book or look online. Alternatively, The Garden Centre Group’s range of centres across the UK are offering a whole range of Christmas activities in the run up to November and December.

Make Christmas hassle free and enjoyable for the entire family and choose a garden centre Christmas as your next family destination.